Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Are movies just a source of entertainment?

When the word entertainment strikes, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is movies. Now, you don’t have to book a ticket in advance to go and watch a show just tug yourself in the bed with a bucket of popcorn and stream whatever you want to watch. There are hundreds of movies available on various sites and its best time pass activity on weekend for everyone who prefer to stay home and enjoy.The best one is vkstreaming or france film streaming. But is that the only purpose of movies? A source of entertainment or something more! Some movies are meant only for entertainment but that’s one of the many emotions that a film series.

What are the myriads of emotions that movies stimulate?
Movies are a form of art that is successful if the purpose with which it is made is fulfilled. A filmmaker tries to cover all the emotions to satisfy every audience and so has aggression, laughter, sci-fi, rom-com, and another different genre to keep its audience spell-bound till the end.
  1. ·       Sci-fi movies use the technology to develop unimaginable creatures with superpowers that everyone desires to have and allows one to imagine beyond what one can behold in real life. It allows its audience to imagine a universe that is beyond our reach and live in that utopian world as per one’s own terms.
  2. ·       Biographies/ autobiographies or documentaries create a sense of awareness and vicariously live and experience the story being told. These movies help people learn from famous personalities through their life struggle and sympathize with those who have faced hardships throughout their lives. This form of art allows making society more awaken and kinder towards others to create a holistic community that is safe for everyone to live in.  
  3. ·       The set of audiences who love puzzles and mysteries enjoy thrill and suspense. Thriller movies are meant for such an audience to keep them cliff-hanger until the end as they enjoy solving the mystery and keep a note of nitty-gritty that goes on in the whole movie. Many critics enjoy the nuances which disclose bit-by-bit the main story as it flows.
  4. ·       Rom-com movies serve the purpose of stimulating happy emotions to love, laughter and tears away the tiredness of week-long work. For family and friends who it’s the best source of entertainment and some filmmakers try to include a message in a witty way to aware people of a little more of humanity.

What is the purpose of movies, in simple words is to “communicate”. This is an art form that allows a filmmaker to communicate with the audience and convey a message, a theme, a mood or an emotional concept; that intends to share. The maker tries to contextualize the art and audience respond to it either in a positive or negative way, whichever way is understood by them. The nature of films is such that its interpretation is open-ended for the audience to decide the final lines and it cannot be defined by an any-one person for all but by everyone spectating it. Be it a source of entertainment, a memory, a learning guide or an empathy machine; it is up to an individual alone.